Why Are We OK With These Assassination Jokes?

This week, Johnny Depp publicly said: “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Last month, Kathy Griffin posted a horrific photo of herself holding up what appeared to be a bloodied, decapitated Trump head.

I strongly believe in the 1st amendment. I’m a huge proponent of allowing controversial speakers and of sparking debate. But calling for the murder of anyone is not exercising free speech. It’s a threat. And this language should not be used lightly or encouraged.

People don’t like Trump. I get it, and I don’t blame them. But there are other ways besides killing someone to address a conflict or difference of view.

What’s worrisome to me is that some people defend these statements. Griffin even somehow turned herself into the victim of the situation. People will say, “Well Republicans didn’t care when Obama was threatened.” As if that now makes it OK?

It’s not OK to threaten people. Period. Even if you heavily disagree with that person. The fact that we even have to establish this as a baseline for interaction is amazing. Let’s pull ourselves together and move forward in civil discourse.

Photo: Associated Press


3 thoughts on “Why Are We OK With These Assassination Jokes?

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  1. Most certainly not! This year we’ve suffered four outrages in the UK which has reminded us of what is going on around the world on a daily basis.
    I strongly dislike the man currently in the Whitehouse but even making alleged jokes about assassination is a step far, far too far.


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