About Multitudes

This blog is meant to push people’s thinking on how we can create social change. In particular, how can we understand other people’s thought processes and create the conditions in which we can all move forward together? Social change is complex, messy, and requires compromise. It requires multitudes, both internally and externally.

This blog is meant as a dialogue. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and opinions, and challenge me on areas you have opposing views.

No one knows everything. Together, we can know (and accomplish) a lot.

About the author

My name is Rachel Crofut. I grew up in a small, rural, largely Republican community in central New York. I now live in liberal Boston, MA, and work at FSG, a mission-driven consulting firm focused on social change.

I have friends, family members, and colleagues on all sides of the political spectrum. I work to embrace those of all races, genders, religions, classes, and cultures. As humans, I know that there is more that joins us than divides us. Multitudes is meant to encourage each of us to consider other sides and find areas of common ground, so that we can all move forward together.


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